About fcearth's Resident Soccer Artists (RSA):

In relaunching fcearth in 2015, one of our main goals is to curate content from the talented and diverse community of soccer artists and content creators. We'll partner with users from social channels, commission photos and videos, host design competitions, and features RSAs' artwork and designs on our gear.

If we invite you to contribute artwork that becomes part of fcearth gear, you will:

  • Allow that fcearth may incorporate your design into limited edition merchandise offered for sale
  • See your work recognized and shared across fcearth social channels and beyond
  • Have the opportunity to nominate recipients of the FCE Project associated with your design (for example, Soccer in School)
  • Receive a minimum of $5 per item (ex. t-shirt) sold. Sale share increases for RSA as orders increase, though RSAs are not expected to promote items!
  • Specs: We'll work with the best file format you can provide. We don't require editable formats...fcearth won't change your work!

If you have any feedback, questions or suggestions, please let us know!

Please submit artwork to jeff@fcearth.com. Thanks for joining us!