Looking for Soccer & Brand Advocates

On a soccer team, whoever wears the "10" jersey is the playmaker, making passes and finding ways to score and make teammates better. fcearth was designed to be a social brand that curates stories and pictures and videos and art from the world of soccer.  Join us in these social team projects!


5. Soccer Video Abroad

fcearth is looking for college students who are traveling abroad this spring to capture video footage of youth soccer being played anywhere. The video will be part of planning a bigger video series featuring youth players from around the world. But for now, we simply are gathering short video clips of local soccer.

You will be compensated up to $200 for collecting video clips (and, optionally, interviews) with players and submitting them to fcearth.  Contact us for more info:

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Tell us where you go to school, and we're you're traveling this spring. We'll contact you asap!

4. Share Your Own #SoccerInSchools Story

Where were you when you first played the world's game?  Did you have any experience playing soccer in school, at any level?  Not just varsity sports but also on the playground...in gym class...after school?  Or was soccer nowhere to be found?  Are you an educator today, and if so, what's the stature of soccer in your school?

Post a short video of you telling your Soccer In Schools story on any social network, and include #SoccerInSchools, plus our handle on that social channel (ex- @fcearth2008 on Instagram, @fcearth on Twitter, /fcearth on Facebook).  Submit the link to your post here!

OPEN TO: Invitation to People On Social Channels (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.)

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3. Nominate Schools to Receive #SoccerInSchools.

The mission for #SoccerInSchools is simple: help fcearth send balls to schools that need them to get more kids playing soccer. We need your nominations for worthwhile schools to receive Gear Drops.  Each purchase of fcearth merchandise means $5 is contributed to #SoccerInSchools Gear Drops. And we send the Gear to the schools you nominate. 

OPEN TO: Anyone!  Submissions welcome and ongoing. 


2. Design the #SoccerInSchools 2016 logo (mission accomplished)

Submit logo designs incorporating the phrase "Soccer in Schools" and fcearth.  The winning design will be featured on the fcearth Soccer in Schools t-shirt. The winner will receive $100 and free shirts featuring her design. 

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