Estadio Azteca


Mexico City's Estadio Azteca- host of tonight's important USMNT World  Cup qualifier vs. Mexico- was built in the 1960s to host Club América  and the 1970 World Cup.  It has outlasted many American stadiums built  in the same decade; in Major League Baseball, only Dodger Stadium and  Oakland Alameda County Coliseum are still in service from the 60s  (notwithstanding, of course, Fenway and Wrigley.)  But Azteca is much  more on the scale of large college stadia, such as Michigan's Big House  (capacity: 109k) and Ohio State's Horseshoe (102k).  With American  reporters on the ground reporting that seat renovations seem to have  reduced Azteca's capacity, it is still listed as a 104,000 seat stadium,  putting it in the good company of 6 U.S. college stadia (Michigan, Penn  State, Tennessee, Ohio State, Alabama and Texas) that seat over 100k.

It may be tough to find as many US Nike kits in the stands tonight, but FCearth still optimistically projects:

US 2, Mexico 1

A Ball of Bags: Relaunching fcearth

A Ball of Bags: Relaunching fcearth

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