Storytellers: Eating Fries with People From All Over

Story by: Aaron Young

Years ago, there use to be a pub on a college campus (which for the sake of anonymity will remain anonymous) that we use to drink at. It was a small, cramped place. But it was ours. The pub was the hub for all the soccer players, fans, and aficionados on campus. From undergrads to masters and PhDs, we all came together to share stories. Some came from Barcelona, others from Liverpool. We spanned the globe, with Argentinians, New Zealanders, Chinese and many others. But what brought us together wasn't the beer or the questionable food, but soccer....

The stories of our father's teaching us the game, and mother's consoling us after loss were prevalent in almost any conversation. What made these experiences unique and colorful were how different we all dealt with the same issues and that at the end of the day, playing or being a part of a community that embraced us for who we are was all that we needed.

I'll always remember a friend from Barcelona telling me to stop eating fries because it was bad for me, and a Liverpudlians and a Münchner then stuffing their face with the fries and telling the Catalonian...."This is how you eat fries!" The bond we share is based on soccer, the memories we have are based on coming together, as one global soccer community. It's what binds us...

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