World Cup Construction Delay? I Predict Not.

ESPN is reporting that South African construction workers have walked off the construction sites of stadiums in the host nation, possibly "derailing" next year's Copa Mundial.

Let me be the first Optimist to pundit that the World Cup is absolutely happening next year in South Africa. I will admit to having my doubts 6 to 12 months ago, when the initial wave of security and transportation concerns generated a lot of skepticism and talk of backup venues.  But I think planning has reached critical mass.  The World Cup is an unstoppable force with too many caring constituents to allow this thing to be derailed.  Let's hope it's resolved simply, with South African leadership and Cup organizers helping participants come to their senses and get back on track.  

But if not let's rally up as a soccer community and make it happen, fancy stadia or not.  The beauty of our game is that you can play it on any 120 yard length of grass.  Security concerns aside, there's no reason it couldn't be every bit the televised and uber-web-covered international spectacle even if played at ramshackle school fields in Johannesburg.

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