Friedel Academy in Trouble

As an Ohioan and proud fan of how well certain U.S. keepers have performed in the English Premier League (see Howard, Tim and Friedel, Brad), I was all over the launch of Brad Friedel's Premier Soccer Academies in Lorain, Ohio (where my parents are from) in the earlier incarnation of the FCearth blog.

Today, This Is American Soccer's Adam Spangler reports, in a long-awaited blog post, that Friedel's academy is on a temporary hiatus.  Adam has done the investigational legwork and has relationships with most of the parties involved, so I highly recommend reading his entire post on the matter.  His post isn't about the (hopefully temporary) setbacks at Friedel's school- he more or less uses that as an example of misplaced priorities in developing youth in this country.  Spangler's point best taken is about how ineffective the U.S. is at nurturing soccer talent from the inner city (an issue that FCearth hopes to help address). 

Great reporting, Adam.  et's hope Friedel's camp finds sponsorship in this unbelievably difficult marketing environment. (I'm in marketing, and I see daily, firsthand, how such sponsorships are drying up in every arena).  And at the most basic level, let's hope that this and other innovative ways of developing youth talent can find support and an audience.

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