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Unbelievable anecdote from Jeffrey Marcus in today's New York Times Goal Blog:

Anton Peterlin, a 22 year-old playing for the Ventura County Fusion within the United Soccer League's Premier Development League (the so-called fourth tier of American pro soccer) may get a chance to go straight to the English Premier League.  Writes Marcus:

Peterlin, a 22-year-old midfielder, so impressed Everton’s boss David Moyes during a recent trial that the manager is set to make Peterlin his first summer signing.

Am I biting on a huge hoax, or is the structure of pro soccer in this world just so incredible that, with so many top-tier leagues and developmental leagues and tournaments and loans and try-outs and coaches and exchanges and so many friggin' players, this type of thing is possible?

What's the All-American analogy?  Burt Smith, playing in the Greater Chicago Methodist Softball + Beer League, whallops four home runs in his Sunday afternoon doubleheader and gets a phone call from Billy Beane?

Make it happen, Anton.

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