Monday Links: Colin Cowherd- A threat or a promise?

Colin's not one of my favorite radio guys (I like Dan Patrick nationally and Steve Mason- bred in Toledo, now an LA star on 710 ESPN).  But Colin would love to hear that; you either like him or not, and that's what makes him compelling as a radio guy.

So I'm thrilled and elated that he is promising to spend more time on soccer- both because he's increasingly interested, and because he thinks the market wants it.  Like Bill Simmons, the great ESPN scribe who has been injecting a bit more soccer into his stuff lately and recently appears on a soccer blog (don't remember which- if you have it link it below), this can only be a good thing overall.

EDIT: Check out the July 8th podcast of Bill Simmons and Cowherd talking international futbol.

Other Monday links:

  • FIFA puts out a call for 15,000 volunteers for World Cup South Africa 2010.  10% are from off-the-continent, so there's 1,500 chances to get involved!  The application link is included.
  • I Speak Soccer- the must-see (meaning I must see it!) documentary from globetrotting Terry Kegel, has a cool feature on its site:  a map with inlaid stories of pickup games all over the world. Check it out and add yours.
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  • We love to ask our Q&A guests what they think the USMNT's starting XI will be for game 1 of the 2010 World Cup.  Ives Galarcep at Soccer By Ives - arguably the US soccer media insider with the best combination of access and analysis - offers his take as of this week at SoccerByIves (about halfway down the long and informative Q&A post). In a nutshell, from the back: Howard/ Bocanegra/Onyewu/DeMerit/Spector/Donovan/Bradley/Jones/Dempsey/Altidore/Davies.  Its a great looking lineup and one that's heavily influenced by Confederations Cup success.
  • Cool story from Anthony Gainey of the Roanake Rapids (NC) Daily Herald on how "Soccer is a cultural experience." At a local soccer camp conducted by some British transplants, Ian Mathias, Nathan Bird and Pete Atkinson, the kids learn not only the fundamentals of the sport, but about the culture in other countries where it's played.  A simple and very doable way of making soccer a "teachable moment."

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