The Gentlemen's Game

Master microblogger DuNord has a brief anecdote (posted Thursday) of Chelsea stalwart and English cap'n John terry visiting the FC Barcelona locker room and shaking hands with all opposing Barca players and coaches following his team's seriously disappointing loss in the UEFA semi's.

John Terry has always appeared as one of the classier gentlemen on the international scene. If it happened in the NBA, this move may have had TNT studio star Charles Barkley or ESPN's Jalen Rose flipping their lids- you don't show that kind of respect for the other team!  They may soften their stance in cases like this, where the class act's team is already eliminated. 

But soccer has always been a gentlemen's game, with countless symbols of respect for the other team in play, from jersey exchanges to kicking the ball out of bounds so the other side can have the ball after an injury.

What's your favorite respect gesture in soccer?  Have you ever seen an unbelievable display of sportsmanship at any level?

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