Rudo Y Cursi

Nick Green, 100 Percent Soccer blogger from, offers a provacative review of the emerging Mexican futbol flick Rudo Y Cursi (rude and corny?) The bigger point Green makes is that this movie will stand our from other soccer fare in that it isn't cheesey, predictable, generalistic, or otherwise use soccer simply as a cultural symbol (hey- what's so bad about that?), and instead centers on an entertaining soccer narrative of two Mexican brothers trying to escape rural poverty, with soccer as the means.  Green leads in with a nice summary of most other memorable soccer movies (he accidentally leaves out Rodney Dangerfield's "Ladybugs," though.) 

Rudo seems like a rare soccer movie worth seeing- if for no other reason than the pedigree of writer/director Carlos Cuarón and the team that made Y tu mamá también.

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