The Diverse Soccer Cultures of Utah

Here's a great read from Maggie Thach of the Salt Lake Tribune on the diverse nationalities of youth soccer players in Salt Lake City.  Its great context for a place that most Americans probably think of as extremely homogenous, but which is actually incredibly diverse. 

Writes Thach, "Coach Eric Bliss said of his 20 (Highland High) varsity players, 18 speak English as a second language."

Most of us probably think of a heavily Mormon population when it comes to Salt Lake City, but as I recently read in Life 2.0 (by Forbes publisher and Digital Rules columnist Rich Kaarlgard), that's barely half of it.  It happens to be a buzzing and cosmopolitan town with an emerging Hispanic population, obviously a loyal base of Stockton-to-Malone fans, a considerable slice of government employees, and many other walks of life.  And as we see in such melting pots, and as Thach's story colors, soccer emerges as a great equalizer, especially in the young student-athletes who gather up on the pitch for a match. 

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