The Big Grass Snake

Some People Are On The Pitch has two old but hilarious posts about colorful nicknames of soccer clubs 'round the world:

Affectionate nicknames of world football clubs. Ex: Did you know that Inter is known as Il Biscione, or The Big Grass Snake?  (You might have if you're Italian.) My favorite: the Beatles nod in Villareal's The Yellow Submarine.  This list makes U.S. team names extremely dull in comparison.  (The Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, or, if translated to all English, The The Angels Angels of Anaheim...?!?!)

And, maybe even funnier, actual club names.  My favorite:  Myanmar's "Finance and Revenue." Yes, its a real club, and it dominates the Southeast Asian nation's top league (11 out of the last 14 championships), which apparently has named all clubs after bureacratic departments.

MLS' next club:  Indianapolis Parks and Recreation?

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